Hardwood Floor Installation Cost – Cheaper Than You Think

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Does your carpet or existing floor drive you crazy? Is it all stained, worn out and smell funny? Do you wish you could get a better, economical style of flooring that is easy to clean and take care such as hardwood flooring, but you fear that the hardwood floor installation cost is too high for your budget? I have news for you, now you can have those hardwood floors with low installation cost.

Many more families are starting to purchase hardwood floors because of their ease to take care of and keep clean. Hardwood floors don’t show dirt like carpet and is easy to clean and take care of, a damp cloth or mop and a broom is all you need to keep your floor looking new.

Now hardwood floors can be found in a wide arrangement of styles, colors and woods such as pine, oak and laminate. It almost makes it tough to decide which one to choose for your home.

A lot of people look at the look of hardwood floors and automatically count them out because they look expensive, so they assume that they can’t afford them, but now they are affordable, durable and can be installed yourself.

Hardwood floors used to be a fancy treat for most families because the installation cost was too much and they couldn’t afford it. These days they are more affordable and even easy to install. As with anything that you have installed such as appliances, carpet, flooring, cabinets and more chances are you will pay more for hardwood floor  installation than the product itself, so buyer beware.

Yes, its true. If you are looking for hardwood floors then the best thing to do is compare around, many retail stores are offering incentives with hardwood floor installations such as free installation if you place it on your credit card or store credit card so always shop around. While the incentive of no installation cost sounds good you will pay for the cost by the time you pay interest on your purchase. You may also find the material costs to be more expensive.

Hardwood floors require some prep work before hand and there are a various of items that you can do if you decide you want to tackle the job yourself such as online videos, DVD’s or books that you can read that are helpful to you and show you step by step how it can be done. When tackling the job of hardwood floor installation always allow for a few days to get the job done. Alternatively, installing laminate flooring is a popular choice, as they are economical, long lasting, and easy to install.

If you are a fast learner, like to take on tasks yourself or have time then installation yourself may be the route for you. Hardwood floor installation doesn’t take long to do it just can be tedious and time consuming. If you feel this is more than you can take on then check around for installation costs. Doing a comparison will get you the better deal. You can expect to pay about $3 a square foot on average for labor. If you have the time to do it yourself you’ll just have to pay for the materials. By taking the time to install hardwood flooring yourself you can sit back and reap the rewards of enjoying your hardwood floors that you installed yourself.

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