Hardwood Floor Installation Info

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There are some basic things that one must consider when they begin to think seriously about hardwood floor installation. Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home and in most cases increase the value of a home considerably. But there are some other items that will need to be thought through before one takes on hardwood floor installation as a DIY project.

First, one should consider where they are going to install their hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are, well, hard wood. If a hardwood floor is placed in a kitchen and the faucet leaks onto the floor for several hours it will ruin the wood. Once the faucet leak is repaired the floor will be severely damaged wherever water has seeped and those pieces of floor will need to be replaced. This can be extremely expensive.

The best places for hardwood floor installation are areas that do not receive heavy foot traffic and damage inducing activities. Hardwood floors scratch, they are not appropriate in a room that contains sharp ended objects that get pushed across the floor. A hardwood floor will stay beautiful as long as it is taken care of properly.

Installing hardwood floors does not require any exotic tools or unique skills to accomplish successfully. However, if the floor is going to be installed on a surface that has linoleum that has been glued to a concrete slab there may be some special tools required to chisel the linoleum, remove the adhesive, and make the surface smooth.

It is important when prepping a floor for hardwood installation that no oil based detergent or cleaner be used. Oil based cleaners damage the floor and it will not have as long a life expectancy as when installed on a surface that has been properly prepared.

The two choices most people have when selecting their hardwood is solid or engineered. The basic difference is that solid wood is solid and engineered wood is usually plywood with a thin wood veneer top. The veneer will hold up better in areas where there is a lot of activity and is easier to keep free of dust. But the solid wood will keep its integrity longer. Many people go with engineered wood because it is more cost effective than solid wood.

If the flooring is going to be installed on a concrete surface it is also important to get a moisture meter. Moisture is very bad for hardwood floors and there is an underlayment that will prevent moisture from seeping into the floor that can be laid prior to installation. This material looks and feels like very thin black foam. It is especially a good idea to use this material for woods such as bamboo.

A list of the tools that are needed to complete hardwood floor installation will come with the flooring. Most of these tools can be rented from a home improvement store on an hourly or daily basis. If the DIY project is for a family room plan on renting the tool for at least one day.

One last tip regarding installation. Be sure to have all the materials and tools in one place and do not have distractions in the area when you are doing this project. Hardwood floor installation is not hard but it does require focus and concentration.

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