Hardwood Floors Installation Made Easy

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Hardwood floors installation in the past was a very labor intensive and time consuming task. The first row had to be pre-drilled and nailed through the top, but close enough to the edge to be covered by the base molding and then predrilled at a forty five degree angle through the tongue and nailed. Then each additional row was laid in place, made tight by use of a rubber mallet, predrilled through the tongue and nailed into place. Once all the boards were secured into place, the floor had to be sanded to a perfect smoothness, stained and finally varnished.

The resulting floor was beautiful and expected to last for the life of the home. In fact, many homes that are over one hundred years in age have hardwood floors that remain very beautiful and serviceable even today.

The process of installing hardwood floors does not have to be so labor intensive. Today, we have available floating hardwood floors, that are prefinished and very easily installed. These floors are engineered and rest on padding that allow for longer periods of standing or walking without the fatigue of standing on harder surfaces. These floors are not nailed at all and nay be glued together or simply clicked together over padding.

The padding is installed with the vapor barrier down and held in place with double stick tape at all edges. Be sure that you choose the correct padding for the flooring that you are using.

Hardwood Floors InstallationShort scrap pieces of the flooring may be used as spacers against the walls to help get the initial few rows in place. Stand them on edge between the wall and the first row. The second row is cut to fit and laid into place. Use a block and hammer to snap the pieces together. Door facings should be trimmed to allow the flooring boards to slip underneath, rather than trying to trim the flooring to fit around the trim. When you reach the final row then you should use your miter saw to cut the floor boards to fit, also leaving the three eights inch gap. A pry bar is necessary to pull this final row into place so that it clicks in with the rest of the flooring.

The final step to the hardwood floors installation is to add the base trim. Be sure that any molding used are nailed or glued to the walls and not to the flooring. With this type flooring, the space is necessary for the expansion and contraction of the floor as the humidity changes with the weather.

Once the hardwood floors installation is complete, move furniture back into place and enjoy your new flooring. Vacuuming or dust moping is about the only maintenance ever required of this flooring.

One of the greatest benefits of engineered flooring is that it is an environmentally friendly option. Engineered floors can be made from sustainable products such as bamboo or eucalyptus. These quick growing plants offer beauty and durability, but do not take hundreds of yeas to grow like oak trees.

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