The Facts On Installing Hardwood Flooring

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Large numbers of homeowners are now installing hardwood flooring. There are many reasons for this other than the obvious cosmetic benefits. They have a longevity that cannot be matched by other forms of floor coverings. Hardwood flooring can be refinished a number of times to give an appearance the same as new.

Most hardwood floors will last as long as the house does! They are durable and can stand up to all forms of modern living. Installing hardwood floors is best left to the experts, it is not a straightforward task, and it takes special equipment and knowledge to place professionally, unless you have moderate DIY skills.

There are three main varieties of hardwood floors. Parquet designs are the type that uses geometric patterns, often in six by six groups; they are very unique and individual. The plank variety uses long boards that have a minimum width of three inches. Plank designs are installed by screwing and nailing the individual boards to the floor. The most common variety is known as strip design. These are usually two and a quarter inches wide but can also be smaller or larger. As with planks they are nailed, screwed, or glued to the floor.

It is useful to understand that changes in the humidity in your home throughout the year can expand and contract any form of wood flooring. Most professional hardwood floor installation firms will leave small expansion gaps in between the final pieces and the wall so that the actual flooring does not buckle.

There are other factors involved when choosing a hardwood floor. One of which is the grading. This is the term used to describe the appearance of the actual wood. Color is another factor which can vary depending upon the tree. There is also the grain, this is determined by the variety of tree and the direction in which the wood has been cut – at a tangent or radial to the tree rings.

Once the floor has been installed there is another factor that can alter its appearance. This is what is called the finish. There are two types of finish – surface and penetrating. Surface finishes are applied by first applying a stain to the wood and then a coating with a durable substance such as varnish or polyurethane that is water resistant. The other option, penetrating finish, uses a stain or wax that is more expensive than surface finishing. Usually this form of finish is more long lasting and enhances the natural color of the wood.

There are many positives that come with installing hardwood flooring, apart from the obvious elegant appearance it can also increase the value of your house significantly and will make it stand apart from others in the neighborhood. It can also make your house feel a lot warmer and comfortable. It adds an old touch to even modern properties.

Though installing hardwood flooring is not exactly cheap, it is an investment that is well worth considering and will never be regretted. They are far more durable, long lasting, and better looking than a carpeted floor.

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